Privacy Policy


Netbriefings understands that when you visit our Web site and provide us with personal information, you trust that that we will act responsibly and keep your information secure and confidential. Below, you'll find our Privacy Policy. It's subject to change over time, so please check back periodically for updates.

  1. What information does collect from site visitors?

  2. You can visit without telling us who you are or revealing any personal information. While we do log IP addresses (the Internet address of a computer) - and use "cookies" to track user sessions and page views on our site, we only use such data to analyze overall user trends, and individual users remain anonymous. Tracking user sessions and page views helps us understand how visitors use our site, which areas are most popular, and how long visitors spend there.

  3. How is my email address or other personal information used?

  4. Netbriefings uses email addresses and other personal information submitted through our Web site to reply to your requests for information about our products, services and other general information.

    We will need certain details - such as your name, email address, postal address, or phone number in order to respond to your inquiries and provide you with more information on those services. On occasion, we may also use your contact information to inform you of Netbriefings services that you might be interested in. We do not disclose information about individual visits to or other personal information that you may give us to any third parties without your permission.

  5. How do I remove my name, email address and personal information from Netbriefings email communications and/or web site registration databases?

  6. Netbriefings will occasionally offer an email communication to interested parties to provide the latest Netbriefings news, events and information. You will find instructions on how to unsubscribe from these communications at the bottom of each email. You may also an email to to unsubscribe immediately.

  7. In what instances may Netbriefings be obligated to provide information about its site visitors?

  8. Netbriefings cooperates fully with law enforcement, other governmental agencies, and third parties to enforce laws, defend intellectual property, and protect other rights. To this end, we may disclose the personal information of our registered visitors if and when:
    • We're required to do so by law
    • We believe that such disclosure is necessary to protect us from legal liability
    • We believe that we need to do so to protect someone's safety
    At Netbriefings, we realize that you exercise caution when submitting personal information about yourself via the Internet. That's why we are committed to maintaining your privacy and protecting the information that you share with us.

  9. Cookies

  10. A "cookie" is a small text file that a website can place on your computer's hard drive in order, for example, to collect information about your activities on the site or to make it possible for you to use an online "shopping cart" to keep track of items you wish to purchase. The cookie transmits this information back to the Web site's computer, which, generally speaking, is the only computer that can read it. Most consumers do not know that "cookies" are being placed on their computers when they visit websites. If you want to know when this happens, or to prevent it from happening, you can set your browser to warn you when a website attempts to place a "cookie" on your computer.